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What is URiM?

Underrepresented in Medicine (URiM) refers to an individual hailing from a racial, ethnic, or other disadvantaged population that is disproportionately represented within the medical community.

UW & SEDI Spokane Mission Statement

The mission of the University of Washington Spokane Foundation Site’s URiM & SEDI group is to recruit and retain medical students from underrepresented backgrounds and foster an inclusive community for students and faculty.

Who Are We?

URiM & SEDI Spokane is a medical student-led service learning group that aims to recruit, support, and maintain underrepresented individuals in medicine through mentorship, equity training, seminars, and council meetings. Below is a list of our current projects available to pre-medical undergraduates and current medical students at UW Spokane.


Are you interested in finding a medical student, resident, or fellowship mentor? The URiM Spokane mentorship program pairs underrepresented undergraduates and medical students with current medical students, residents, and/or fellows with similar interests. Click one of the links below to fill out a survey and be placed with a mentor.

For undergraduate pre-medical students requesting to be placed with a current medical student mentor: Click Here

For UW Spokane medical students requesting to be placed with a current SPOKANE resident or fellow mentor: Click Here

For UW Spokane medical students requesting to be placed with a current SEATTLE resident or fellow mentor with UW NURF: Click Here

Questions? Reach out to our project lead:

Aman Buttar

Coffee Talks

URiM Spokane offers a series of casual coffee talks with current medical students at or near the Schoenberg Center on the Gonzaga Campus. Coffee talks are held once monthly during the school year and may or may not include an educational presentation on applying to or surviving medical school. Undergraduates interested in medicine or applying to medical school are invited to join us!

To sign-up for the next Coffee Talk, please RSVP here: Clicking Here.

Questions? Reach out to our project leads:

Rahale Getnet

Veda Gadiraju

Spark Talks

Spark Talks are themed discussions hosted by URiM and moderated by specialists within a certain field in medicine. These discussions are for current medical students who are interested in learning more about URiM topics or issues in medicine that are not otherwise included in their medical school curriculum.

Above: Our first 2021 Sparks Talk with Dr. Ben Danielson

Questions? Reach out to our project lead:

Apoorva Chowdhary

Pathways to Medicine Seminars

The Pathways to Medicine Seminars are two workshop-based events that are held once a year at the Schoenberg Center for pre-medical undergraduates interested in applying to medical school.

1. Pathways to Medicine Fall Event: This event includes workshops led by medical students on the application process, interviewing, MCAT preparation, suturing, imaging, and open Q&A.

2. *NEW SPRING 2021* Applying to Medical School: This event is a medical student-led focused seminar featuring workshops on the critical aspects of the medical school application, such as the personal statement, secondaries, and more.

Questions? Reach out to our project lead:

Colby Weil-Lonigan

Mock Medical School Interviews with the Alliance for Equal Representation in Medicine

The Alliance for Equal Representation in Medicine (AFERM) is a group of UW medical students who provide mock interviews for UW School of Medicine Spokane Foundation Site’s applicants from disadvantaged or underrepresented backgrounds who have been offered an interview at the Spokane Foundation Site.

Please note: Invitations are only sent out to applicants when they have been offered an interview.

Questions? Reach out to our project leads:

Joey Seuferling

Atousa Rahbar

Additional Resources for Pre-Medical Students, Medical Students, and Faculty

Pre-Health Dreamers (PHD)

Pre-Health Dreamers, PHD, is an community network focused on promoting and advocating for undocumented pre-health students across the United States. PHD supports and guides students in their health leadership journeys while promoting allies in their communities. For more information, please visit their website at https://www.phdreamers.org/.

General Contact Information for URiM & SEDI:

Colby Weil-Lonigan
URiM Spokane Director
Email: cweiloni@uw.edu

Ana Isabel Sandoval Zazueta
SEDI Spokane Lead
Email: aisz@uw.edu

Join Our Contact List!

To get updates and RSVP for upcoming seminars and events, please share your email address with our contact list here: https://forms.gle/nYjejdP18p5wXWdT9