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Welcome to the LGBTQ Health Pathway!


The LGBTQ Health Pathway (LGBTQ) is sponsored by the Center for Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Corinne Heinen, MD, Associate Clinical Professor Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, serves as the Pathway Director.

The goal of the LGBTQ Health Pathway is to provide a number of educational opportunities and experiences to medical students that will better prepare them to provide culturally responsive care for the LGBTQ population.

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A few specific goals include:

• Develop an awareness of the health disparities that face the LGBTQ community

• Learn to provide effective and compassionate medical care to LGBTQ patients and address their unique health concerns

• Gain insight into how research can help illuminate and address LGBTQ health issues

• Develop skills to be an effective, multi-disciplinary advocate for the LGBTQ community

• Learn more about community programs that can provide support for LGBTQ individuals

• Learn to deliver non-judgmental care through understanding and empathy for LGBTQ patients

The LGBTQ pathway will provide a number of different teaching methods: didactics, on-line modules, community advocacy/service, and mentoring opportunities. Students will complete a clerkship rotation in a clinic site that specifically cares for a large LGBTQ population. Those students who have completed all of the Pathway requirements will be awarded a Certificate of Completion at graduation and will be recognized by the Dean of the School of Medicine for their accomplishment.

In selecting each incoming class for the LGBTQ Health Pathway, we strive to create a group that is diverse in identities, personal experiences, and first-year sites. Anyone interested in LGBTQ Health is encouraged to apply. In addition, Queers in Medicine (QMed) is the LGBTQ medical student organization at UWSOM and provides opportunities for outreach, education, and support.

We invite you to explore this website for more information!

If you are interested in participating in the LGBTQ Pathway, please contact Dr. Corinne Heinen (