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Welcome to the Latinx Health Pathway!


The Latinx Health Pathway (LHP) is sponsored by the Center for Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Daniel Cabrera, MD, is the Director.  Dr. Cabrera is a hospitalist at Harborview Medical Center in the UW Department of General Internal Medicine. His practice involves the inpatient medical care of adults as well as serving as a medical consultant for surgical patients.

The goal of the LHP is to provide a number of educational opportunities and experiences to medical students that will better prepare them to provide culturally responsive care for the Hispanic population. The LHP will provide a number of different teaching methods: didactics, modules on-line, problem-based learning experiences, small group discussions, and mentoring opportunities with Hispanic faculty or non-Hispanic faculty who have an expertise in providing culturally responsive care to Hispanics. Elective clerkship rotations in clinic sites throughout WWAMI that specifically care for a large Hispanic population will also be available for students to participate in. The LHP will provide the students a number of options to learn or improve their Spanish-speaking skills: on-line Spanish language classes; Spanish language course provided by local community colleges and the UW; on-line tutorials; and immersion experiences in Central America. Those students who have completed all of the LHP requirements will be awarded a Certificate of Completion at graduation and will be recognized by the Dean of the School of Medicine for their accomplishment.

We invite you to explore the LHP further and click on “Pathway Requirements” to review the program.

If you are interested in participating please apply through the link in the right hand column.

If you have questions please contact the LHP Director, Dr. Dan Cabrera at .