African American Round Table


As highlighted by the 2015 report, Altering the Course: Black Men in Medicine the number of Black Men entering into medicine is low compared to other groups and lower than the number of Black Men who matriculated into medical school in 1978. This is despite the increase in both medical school sizes and the total number of medical schools. In 2016 in response to this report, UWSOM Center for Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, gathered community, faculty, staff and students to discuss how we could address this issue.

There are a lot of discussions going on about what can be done to both understand why fewer Black men are applying and matriculating to medical school and address this issue the issue through targeted efforts including mentorship, financial support, education and admissions reform and so on.

On 11/27/17, a number of organizations rolled out the #BlackMenInMedicine to highlight that Black Men in medicine do exist, however there is a dearth of young Black men entering into the field. To support this effort, my organization, Tour for Diversity in Medicine (T4D), will be blogging and using Social Media to share the stories of Black physicians and surgeons. We will be posting blogs, stories and tweets using the aforementioned hashtag and posting stories here

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Facilitator: Dr. Michelle Terry

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Guest: Trish Dziko (Technology Access Foundation)




Guests: Dr Moses Williams (STEMM Prep Project) and Tory Brundage (UW Brotherhood Initiative)

Guest: Dr. Augustus White