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Medicine Wheel Society






Medicine Wheel Society

About Us:

* The Medicine Wheel Society (MWS) is an organization dedicated to promoting American Indian/Alaska Native/Indigenous culture, education, and advancement in health care and diversity in medicine.

MWS brings together the people, traditions, customs, and the spirit which enable our AI/AN/Indigenous students to maintain their sense of community while in medical school.

MWS is open to ALL University of Washington students – American Indian/Alaska Native/Indigenous and Non-Native students.

Our Goals:

* Plan and participate in AI/AN community events

* Inspire AI/AN/Indigenous and underrepresented minority youth to enter a career in medicine through mentorship

Support AI/AN pre-medical and dental students through pipeline programs

* Promote survival skills and wellness in health professional school

* Sharing tribal customs

* Incorporation of Traditional Medicine into Western medical practice

* Seek support from AI/AN UW associated health professionals for members

Plan and attend forums to discuss AI/AN/Indigenous health concerns and problems

* Attend medical conferences



Mouse Woman

About Our Logo:

Mouse Woman is a respected character in Tsimshin legends. She can either appear as a mouse or the teeniest of Grandmothers. She is a figure who often aids people in peril, taking small compensation for the help she gives. – John Sixbey

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