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Indian Health Pathway (IHP) REQUIREMENTS

The Indian Health Pathway (IHP) is open to all active medical students at the University of Washington.

Deadline for students to apply is December 1st of their entering year!

For an application to IHP please contact Dan Olson (dolson@uw.edu).




I. University Conjoint 530 (Required Course)

Indian Health Issues: Past, Present, and Future  (2 credits)

Health professionals present on topics such as Traditional Medicine, Paleopathology, urban/ reservation Indian health care, mental health, Indian Health Service Policies, and more. This course is offered every winter quarter.

To be eligible for fourth year IHP clerkships, student must complete this course requirement by the third year.

II. Scholarly Project

Focused on a health issue affecting American Indian/Alaska Native population(s), often completed as an Independent Investigative Inquiry (III), MSRTP or other research project with a focus on American Indian/Alaska Native health. To be eligible for IHP clerkships, student must complete this requirement by the third year.

III. Fourth Year Required IHP Clerkships

Successful completion of clerkships (4 weeks minimum each) in the following areas:

  • PEDS 609: Completed in the last year as an elective rotation. In order to register, permission of the Indian Health Pathway Director and rotation preceptor is required. Note: RUOP experience or PCP in Native Serving Site will not be accepted instead of PEDS 609. Please contact clerkship coordinator by emailing SAL20@UW.EDU for permission.

PLEASE NOTE: For students who have completed requirements I through III, there will be an interview with the IHP director during their third year to review progress in the pathway and to consider the student’s eligibility to complete the IHP. Students who have not completed requirements I through III will not be eligible to complete the fourth year FAMED 681 and FAMED 680 rotations.

IV. Community Engagement/ Service Learning

Participation and engagement with the Native community through CEDI, Medicine Wheel Society, AAIP, IWRI, or other venues.

Upon completion of the requirements, the student will be awarded an IHP pathway certificate and be recognized of this honor and the IHP Blanket Ceremony.

For more information contact:

Dr, Jason Deen