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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for the HHP?

Please contact Dan Olson dolson@uw.edu to apply.

When is the application deadline?

Prior to December 31st

What will happen if I do not get my first choices for my HHP required clinic site?

All HHP students are encouraged to inform the PCP/RUOP/Clinical Site Coordinators of their HHP status when applying for their sites. Also, when you submit your rotation track preferences to the Registrar be sure to inform her of your HHP status. If you cannot get assigned to a HHP listed site, contact the HHP Director as soon as possible. Please remember that the program site coordinators and the Registrar will try to do their best in accommodating you if it is possible. Due to the constraints of the number of medical students that need to be accommodated, the number of clinic sites, and the competition for some of the most popular sites, we ask that you respect the decisions that are made.

Are there other clinic sites not listed on the HHP approved site list that would count for HHP completion?

There probably are. The list is by no means meant to be complete, but is a work in progress. There may be other clinic sites that other students and/or residents may have told you about that was a great experience with a Hispanic community. Please consult the HHP Director about a clinic site of interest so that he can investigate the feasibility of the clinic site BEFORE you make arrangements.

Can projects completed as a requirement for the Global Health pathway or a RUOP non-hispanic site receive credit for the III-Scholarly Project of the HHP?

Yes.  Potentially credit can be attained by completing a paper that links your project to the overall goals of the HHP. You will need to alert the Director of the HHP if you intend to seek dual credit. Please look in the left navigation bar, under “Petitioning for GHIP or RUOP Credit” for details.

When can I begin working on the required online modules?

Right away! This is a good opportunity for students, especially first-year WWAMI students, to begin working on the HHP requirements early. Access to the online modules will require you to have your UW Net ID available.

When do I need to have the HHP requirements completed in order to get my HHP completion mentioned in my Dean’s Letter?

You must have applied to HHP and made significant progress in fulfilling the requirements by the beginning of August of your 4th or final year of medical school in order for the HHP to be mentioned in your Dean’s Letter. If you have made significant progress by then we will write that you “are working towards” HHP completion.

When do I need to have the HHP requirements completed in order to receive my certificate of completion?

You must have all of the HHP requirements completed no later than April 1 preceding graduation.
If I have any questions, who can I contact? Contact the HHP Director, Dr. Dan Cabrera, at dancab@uw.edu.